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Life at The Russell Hill Today

November 15, 2020

What is life really like at The Russell Hill when a pandemic is wreaking havoc on our freedoms and lifestyle; when shopping for food can be risky and gathering with outside friends and family is prohibited by Public Health? Let’s take a look at what we do to support residents.

While we have always included unlimited room service for meals in our monthly rates, we provide it now as our regular service. However, we have also partially opened our Dining Room in order for residents to enjoy a more social option. So, breakfast is served to all the suites, but a two or three times a week, there’s an option to have lunch and dinner with others. Our chef has also included some popular comfort food surprises lately. Last weekend, it was a delicious poutine at lunch. You can bet that was a very popular item and a welcome surprise!

Our Fireside Lounge and the Bistro are also open for a maximum number of 10 persons to share the space safely, masks on and at least six feet apart. It’s encouraging to see people reading, knitting, chatting, or simply enjoying being quiet but amongst others.

There’s our beautiful patio that runs along the east side of our building. We put large heaters out there in order to extend the patio season. It’s been a hit with people who just want to get outside and to be somewhere different. Some read, others chat. Again, masks are on and seating is socially distanced.

Our programing has adjusted to the times, too. For example, we purchased ipads and our Activity Manager found some wonderful programs to stream. Residents can book a specific time when the ipad is brought to them ready to go with a selected concert, play, or musical. Several residents are playing bridge online with other residents; the same people they played with across a table when times were not as they are today. Others are assisted with zoom meetings which can be critical to participating in special events with their extended family.

There’s more, but I think you get the picture. We are here to support our residents and to be resourceful in finding safe solutions to maintain their physical and mental health, their happiness and their contentment. We also do their laundry, make their beds every day, and do a weekly clean. Residents are generous with their praise about our staff; their kindness, their smiles, and their excellent work.

If you would like to chat with someone about what it’s like to live at The Russell Hill, we would welcome your call. 416 922 8005

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